Tuesday, 14 January 2014

It ain't what you tweet, it's the way that you tweet it

Why hire a social media consultant?  Why not tweet for yourself? It’s a question often posed by professionals unacquainted with the nuances of Twitter. The answer is that tweeting isn’t enough, you have to tweet strategically, at the right times with the right content. Here are our top 5 tips for better tweeting:

1.     Time your tweets – make sure you’re getting maximum reach by using software like Buffer, which determines the most advantageous time to send each tweet based on whose online when.

2.     Keep it light – don’t tweet exclusively about your business, tweet related interest pieces that draw people in to your feed, and then pepper the lightweight content with business information.

3.     Interact! This is incredibly important. Tweeting alone will not raise your profile, join TwitChats, comment on other tweets, make your presence felt and you’ll see your follower figures shoot up

4.     Tag your tweet – In our experience, some of the most successful tweets are the ones which tag other users. Get involved in Follower Friday and tag a selection of your favourite tweeters, if they re-tweet you then you extend your reach to however many followers they have on top of your own.

5.     #Hashtag – In our experience, one of the biggest Twit-mysteries for the uninitiated is the hashtag. What is it for? It tags you in to a subject, making your tweets more locatable to relevant users. Automotive expert? End your tweets with #Autos #Cars #Automotive, so if anyone searches those terms, your tweet will be included in the list of results.

So go start tweeting at people, hashtagging and searching for interesting content, if you’d like to know more about building a following online, get in touch with our team – we’d love to hear from you!

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