Monday, 5 March 2012


Lights. Camera. Action! Well – okay – it wasn’t quite as glamorous as all that, but we had great fun making a short promo film for our client Mereway Kitchens recently.

If you’d told any of us that we would be standing in a field watching a tank ‘run over’ a full kitchen layout, we’d not have believed you. But – as we should know by now – anything can, and probably will happen……

The idea came about in a flash– it was Mereway’s 25th year in business – something definitely worth marking. With an interest in all things retro currently happening, we took inspiration from some of their early advertising – which showed a car sitting happily on top of their work units.

So – we reasoned – why not show that the units are even more durable now? In the absence of the car, we called in a tank. The result is a witty film starring kitchen units, tank in a field and a commentator with a great tag line. The video has garnered well over 2,000 views at the time of writing – a great result for our client Mereway. And the absolute essence of what social media is all about. It’s about getting people talking, commenting, linking, tweeting and re-tweeting. If everything is carefully managed, this creates a network of links and back links that help push your profile up the search engines, and bring you out on top of the pages, rather than hidden far down the lists.

As an aside – we were thrilled with the comments too – especially a structural engineer’s comment on the clip, that if the tank had been lowered on to the units, they would support the weight!! Great to know for anyone looking at investing in a new kitchen in the future.

Take a look at the clip on this link.